Welcome to the world wide web headquarters of Disconnected.

We are a group that remembers when pure rock music inspired a generation of young people to pick up guitars, microphones and a set of sticks instead of iPhones and XBOX controllers. Our band, and others like us made our own media magic in the basements and garages across the country….and built lifelong friendships in the process. Because being in a band is like being in a family.

We are the generation that stood between the analog world of the past and the digital world of the future. We owned vinyl albums when record stores were still the place to hangout on a Saturday afternoon. Although we went our separate ways in adulthood, we have found our way back to the magic. Our love for the music still burns as it did then, and as time has past, each of us has become a more refined musician in our own right which is evident in our performance.

Check our site out. Listen to the music and enjoy the photos and video we have accumulated over the previous year. You’ll understand why we do what we do.

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